Crucible Films is an independently run production company in Bedfordshire. We are dedicated to creating top quality showreels for actors of all experience.

We offer a range of services including creating bespoke showreels for actors, tailored videos for companies and individuals, and even editing existing footage

If you're interested in having a film or video made then get in touch!


Aran Lamond

Director of Operations

Aran Lamond is an award winning cinematographer and director. He has a first class degree in Film Studies from the University of Kent, having studied cinematic theory and script writing. Aran is an experienced director, writer, producer and editor, having made professional videos for a wide variety of clients in various industries. For instance Aran has filmed interviews with bands, live gigs, cooking shows, testimonials, short films and even commercials. In his spare time Aran is an avid screenwriter and is available when needed to produce top quality scripts.

Nick James Headshot Shrunk

Richard Summers-Calvert

Managing Director

As well as being a multi-award winning Director thanks to his two films 'Pundemic' and 'Within the Fray', Richard is an award winning Actor as well! He started his professional acting career by jumping straight into touring theatre with the Lincoln based company Zest Theatre. Soon after he started focusing on Film and TV work. His most recent roles are in the feature film 'Milk & Hon£y' as 'Dexter' which stars Clare King (Coronation St, Emmerdale), Vas Blackwood (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), Mark Wingett (The Bill, Quadraphobia) and Nicholas Brendon (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and a lead role in the feature film 'Fox Trap' starring Klariza Clayton (Skins), both of which are being released later this year. When not in front of the camera, Richard enjoys letting his creativity flow by writing his own scripts. Richard has a wealth of experience in the acting world and will be on set at all times to help direct actors that are either new or would simply appreciate feedback.

Richard and Aran co-created Crucible Films with the intention of creating the top film and production company in the UK while maintaining competitive prices.